Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Iowa State Fair Now Has A Modern Quilt Category!

Last fall I contacted Dorothy Faidley, the Superintendent of the Fabric and Threads division of the Iowa State Fair, and asked if it would be possible to add a Modern Quilt category.  Based on the feedback she got from one judge, it seemed like it wouldn't happen.  So imagine my surprise today as I was skimming thought the quilt categories to find:  183 Modern - a quilt using a new design or reinterpreted traditional design, including improvisational piecing, alternative block structures, or emphasis of negative space and asymmetry.

Wow!  We are in there people!  So, please, please, please enter something in the Modern Quilt category!  I am going to feel really lame if we asked for a new category and there are no entries.  :)

To enter something in the Iowa State Fair:

  1. Go to the Iowa State Fair 2013 Categories/Premium Books Page
  2. Read the Fabric and Threads Booklet to see how many things you would like to enter.  Only one entry per category.
  3. Fill out an online entry form.  You do not have to know for sure what you are going to enter at this time.  It will simply ask you how many entry tags you would like.  Each tag can be used for any of the Fabric and Threads categories. 
  4. Drop off your item on July 27th.
  5. Pick up your item on August 19th
What do you say?  Are you in?