Annual Fabric Challenge

Just like last year, the dues from when we were a guild bought us a kitty of fabric for a challenge! This year the bundles are all solids. You will receive 6 fat eighths with which you can make your challenge piece.

There are very few rules, but here are just a couple to keep you on your toes...
1. The item must be quilted in a three-layer sandwich, but it doesn't have to be a quilt (a bag, tote, pillow, notebook cover, are all ok!)
2. Please use ALL the fabric this time. Challenge yourself even if there's a color that doesn't work, but its ok if its on the back or binding. And no, I'm not suggesting you must use every tiny scrap, just include some of each fat eighth.
3. You can add any fabric to the project, solids or prints.

Deadline for the Fabric Challenge is APRIL 21, 2016.

Finish it Up Challenge

Yes, yes, we all have our to do lists and UFOs! Let's get them done together, with a little co-motivation! Make a list of the projects you have on your plate right now. Download a List-maker-helper here (optional). Choose the top 3 priority projects you intend to have done in the next 6 months. Bring your whole list to the meeting to share and post your top 3 as a comment on this page.

Then throughout the next DSMMQG meetings, bring your finished projects to show and tell (preferred!) or post them in our facebook group!

You will receive one entry into the Finish-it-up Prize Drawings for every project on your top 3 list you finish! To qualify, you must mention the Finish-it-up challenge when you bring your project to show and tell or post it on the Facebook Group. Prizes will include fabric bundles, fat quarters and more (TBA).

Final Finish-it-up Deadline is JULY 21, 2016.


  1. Here are the entries from the meeting, so you remember!

    Eva Marie: Forest Repurposed Quilt, 1930's Antique Quilt, 2016 Challenge Project

    Carol: Tie Quilt, Cashmere Quilt, Bunny Quilt Bag

    Doris: Bind Diamond Dust, X&Plus Quilt, Star Sighting Quilt

    Tricia: Feather Quilt, Denyse Schmidt Strip Quilt, Equilateral Triangle Quilt

    Veronica: Blue/Yellow/Gray Pyramid Quilt, Fancy Fox Pillow, Fancy Fox Quilt

    Kristen: Purple Quilt, Blue/Yellow/Orange Quilt, Quilt du Jour Quilt

    Emily: Jacquie Gering Class Quilt, Harmony Quilt, AMH Patchwork

    Leila: Hexagon GFG, Challenge Project, Last Year's Challenge

    Pat: Tic Tac Toe, Circle Challenge, Mercy Quilt

    Emma: Friendship Bracelets, Slice & Insert Class piece, Modern Solids Challenge

    Erin: Collection Quilt, Swoon, Scrappy Trip Along Quilt

    Sherry: MQG Challenge, Hunter's Star Queen Quilt, Slice & Insert Quilt

    Riane: Conversation Quilt, April Rhodes Quilt, Crop & Scale Quilt

    Jessie: Ocean Waves Redo, KC Bed Quilt, Grandma Estelle Quilt

    Annette: Sister-in-Laws 1st Quilt, 2 Baseball Quilts, Baltimore Album Quilt

    Penny Ray: 2015 Modern Challenge, 2016 Modern Challenge, Log Cabin Quilt from JG class

    Connie: Jacquie Gering Class Project, Bias Tape Placemats, Ginal Florey's Rework

    Jill: Glimmer Quilt, Hexagon Project, Charity Quilt

    Marny: Shades of Green Table Runner, Ocean Table Runner, Sq. in a Sq. Baby Quilt

    Kathy: Gannets, Maritimes, Circles

    Melissa: Katie Jump Rope Quilt, Out to Sea Quilt, Guising Quilt

  2. Crystal: Fete amh quilt, Amh star quilt, JG red Xs quilt