Thursday, August 23, 2012

Signed up yet?

Just a reminder that the deadline for signing up for the Mug Rug Swap is Sunday, August 26th!  Just three more days (I need to get signed up myself!)

If you are unsure about using the mosaic maker and didn't sign up for the last swap because of that, please don't let that stop you--just ask for help!  We'd be happy to walk you through it.

I had to share this awesome tutorial I came across today (this is SO going in my favorites mosaic!):
From Penny


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Upcoming Event: DMAQG Sale and Auction

The Des Moines Area Quilt Guild will have their annual Mall in the Hall (quilter's "rummage sale" of sorts) and Charity Auction on Tuesday, August 28, 2012:

Women's Health Auction
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

West Des Moines United Methodist Church
8th & Grand
West Des Moines  

Mall in the Hall
In the Fellowship Hall
5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Charity Auction
In the Sanctuary
View 5:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Auction 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

All proceeds are donated to health programs/initiatives that support Women's Health.  You do not need to be a DMAQG Member to attend.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mug Rug Swap Announced

We’re excited to announce our guild's next swap. If you’re familiar with the Flickr Scrappy Mug Rug Swap, ours is similar. But instead of mailing mug rugs to each other, we’ll swap them in person at our October 18 meeting. These are the swap requirements, and all of them must be followed in order for this to run smoothly:

• You must have an online Flickr account and you must post a mosaic of some of your favorite quilt blocks, mug rugs, fabrics, or color combinations. Please create your mosaic BEFORE proceeding to the next step. (See below: “How to Make a Mosaic”). Because we are members of The Modern Quilt Guild, we're using all the online conveniences we have available to us. If you don't yet have a Flickr account, sign up. It's free! You should also join our guild's main Flickr group.

Birdie Swirl mug rug by Sandy in Buenos Aires via Flickr

• The swap is secret, but to let your partner know your personal tastes and preferences, you must complete a Google Docs online form AFTER you create your Flickr mosaic. Go to this link to fill out the form. Please be as specific as possible about your likes and dislikes. Indicating your preferences will make it much easier for you to create, and your partner to receive something you'll both love.

After submitting the completed form you’ll be paired with someone with similar sewing skills and design interests. Then, you’ll receive your swap partner's name, and list of likes and dislikes. Use the list and her Flickr mosaic as a guide to help you make a mug rug that suits her. Please understand that this swap is about making something your partner likes, not what you like. Consider fabrics, designs and colors that your partner has specified she prefers. You may be required to buy some new fabrics in her style or colors. While you aren't required to buy the exact fabrics your partner lists, it's very considerate to do so.

Teapot mug rug by veryerryberry via Flickr

How to Make a Mosaic
Go to In the middle of the screen, click the pull-down menu "Jump to…" Select "Mosaic Maker.” Choose as many images as you want in your mosaic. Then copy and paste into URL boxes, the photo links for your mosaic. If you already have photos in Flickr Favorites, use those photos as your links. When all your photo links are in the boxes, click “Create” to see your mosaic. Copy the HTML code in the box below your mosaic. Click on the Share button at the top and select Flickr. Paste the HTML links into the Description box if they aren't already in there. Click Upload. Your mosaic should appear in your Flickr photostream with hyperlinks for each photo below it. If the hyperlinks aren't showing up in Flickr, paste the type again in the Flickr description box.

Please select at least nine photos for your mosaic to give your partner a good idea of what you like. More photos are even better! If you're new to Flickr and want to look for mug rugs to add to your mosaic, check out the Flickr Scrappy Mug Rug Swap pool here.

If you have any questions about this process, e-mail Veronica at vkoh159 (at) mchsi (dot) com.

A DSMMQG Flickr Swap Group
A new Flickr group has been created just for DSMMQG swaps and exchanges. After you have created your Mug Rug Swap mosaic, post it in this new group. Here's the link:

We’ll also use the Flickr discussion forum to:
- ask and answer questions without revealing partners,
- and, provide links to online tutorials and techniques

If you join the Mug Rug Swap, you are committed to making a mug rug cover for someone else, and completing it by Thursday, October 18. You don't have to be at the meeting, but make sure that your completed mug rug is.

We hope many of you will join Mug Rug Swap. It promises to be as much fun as our pillow swap!

The deadline to sign up is Sunday, August 26. By September 2, you’ll receive your partner's information.

Posted by Veronica Koh Eischeid, Programs/Education Chair

Thursday, August 9, 2012

MEETING August 16--Something New & Different!!!

At next week’s meeting Veronica Koh Eischeid and Doris Brunnette will be presenting a 12-Minute Tip on different BINDING METHODS as a follow up to Janet’s 12-Minute Tip last month. 

Now for the NEW & DIFFERENT:  Do you love to shop for new fabric and quilting supplies?  Do you love it even more when you find a great bargain?  Who doesn’t, right?!  

In lieu of a full program at our August Meeting, the DSMMQG will host a  
Swap and Shop!
This is your chance to get rid of supplies you no longer want, and find some new treasures to bring home! 

So, here is what you do: 

  • ·        Sort through your fabric, magazines, books, patterns, trims, notions and decide what you would like to get rid of
  • ·      Divide it into three categories:  SELL, SWAP, GIVEAWAY
  • ·      Follow the Rules below to prepare your items for the Swap and Shop
  • ·      **BE SURE TO BRING CASH WITH YOU (SMALL BILLS AND CHANGE)  Some of us are able to take debit/credit cards via the Square app on our phones, but most will be cash exchanges.  For the “SELL” items--you will pay the seller directly or swap them for something of yours
  •  ·      When you arrive Thursday, please place your PREPARED items on the corresponding table: SELL, SWAP, or GIVEAWAY

RULES—(very important to make this run smoothly)

  • ·      For SELL Items:  Package fabric in a seal Ziploc-type bag MARKED with:  YOUR NAME, AMOUNT/YARDAGE CONTAINED, TOTAL PRICE (should be garage sale prices $1-4/yard) 
  • ·      Bring Designer-quality fabrics** to SELL, please, large scraps are okay, scrap bags are okay if you estimate very closely the total amount of fabric contained.  **Note: Non-Designer fabrics are okay for GIVEAWAY or SWAP
  • ·      Books, etc. to SELL should be MARKED with a SALE PRICE, and your NAME
  • ·      For items to SWAP, if it is fabric, please bag it and mark it as above, but mark it SWAP instead of adding a price.  Be sure your NAME is on all items.
  • ·      GIVEAWAY:  Mark it FREE with just your NAME only.

  • ·    ANYTHING STILL ON THE TABLES at the end of the evening MUST BE RECLAIMED by its original owner and taken back home.
  • **No one should have to clean up and haul everyone’s leftovers home!!!

We anticipate this will be a FUN evening and a chance to get to know other members of the guild better in a more social atmosphere.  Our Executive Board agrees that the best thing about the development of this group in 2011 is the connections we have been able to make with others who share our love of quilting!!!!

Remember to bring your NAMETAG (you want people to be able to identify you easily!)  and bring small bills, change, and or a checkbook to buy some treasures!!! 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mug Rug SWAP Coming Soon!

Our Programming Chair, Veronica, is organizing another fun swap for us!  This one will be similar to the Flickr Scrappy Mug Rug swap and the pillow swap we completed this Spring. Participants will be paired according to skill levels and interests. Everyone will fill out a preferences form online like they did for the pillow swap and they'll be notified by e-mail who their secret partner is. 

Mug Rug I made for Amanda Jean
Veronica will introduce the swap at the August 16 Meeting, and here on the blog, and the deadline to finish your mug rug will be the October 18 meeting.  

PLEASE NOTE:  You don't need to be present at the August or the October Guild Meeting to participate in the swap, however your Mug Rug DOES need to be present at the October meeting!  ;-)  We don't anyone to leave empty handed.  
Mug Rug made by Monika
Mug Rug made by Susan

Some of the awesome pillows made for our last swap can be seen here.

Community Service Opportunity

One of my sweet friends, Jessica, is organizing this event and I would love it if people from our guild could contribute (and there are lots of great giveaways too if you get involved :) ).    Simply make 2 bibs to be in the drawings for prizes and bring the bibs to the next guild meeting (August 16).  I will be collecting them there and will handle shipping them to her.  

To entice you even more to help, if you bring two bibs to the August guild meeting, I will put your name in a drawing for just our guild for a little prize!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me  Thank you!


Bibs for Babies- A Charitable Event for Crafters

Bibs for Babies is exactly that- bibs for babies! We want to use our talent to share love and bless others who may be in need of a little bit of kindness!

The goal is to collect over 100 bibs made by YOU for a special donation to Operation Baby Shower!

Operation Shower is about celebrating and honoring military families. Operation Shower is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides joyful baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment.

Read More about Operation Baby Shower at

Join the flickr group here: