Thursday, August 9, 2012

MEETING August 16--Something New & Different!!!

At next week’s meeting Veronica Koh Eischeid and Doris Brunnette will be presenting a 12-Minute Tip on different BINDING METHODS as a follow up to Janet’s 12-Minute Tip last month. 

Now for the NEW & DIFFERENT:  Do you love to shop for new fabric and quilting supplies?  Do you love it even more when you find a great bargain?  Who doesn’t, right?!  

In lieu of a full program at our August Meeting, the DSMMQG will host a  
Swap and Shop!
This is your chance to get rid of supplies you no longer want, and find some new treasures to bring home! 

So, here is what you do: 

  • ·        Sort through your fabric, magazines, books, patterns, trims, notions and decide what you would like to get rid of
  • ·      Divide it into three categories:  SELL, SWAP, GIVEAWAY
  • ·      Follow the Rules below to prepare your items for the Swap and Shop
  • ·      **BE SURE TO BRING CASH WITH YOU (SMALL BILLS AND CHANGE)  Some of us are able to take debit/credit cards via the Square app on our phones, but most will be cash exchanges.  For the “SELL” items--you will pay the seller directly or swap them for something of yours
  •  ·      When you arrive Thursday, please place your PREPARED items on the corresponding table: SELL, SWAP, or GIVEAWAY

RULES—(very important to make this run smoothly)

  • ·      For SELL Items:  Package fabric in a seal Ziploc-type bag MARKED with:  YOUR NAME, AMOUNT/YARDAGE CONTAINED, TOTAL PRICE (should be garage sale prices $1-4/yard) 
  • ·      Bring Designer-quality fabrics** to SELL, please, large scraps are okay, scrap bags are okay if you estimate very closely the total amount of fabric contained.  **Note: Non-Designer fabrics are okay for GIVEAWAY or SWAP
  • ·      Books, etc. to SELL should be MARKED with a SALE PRICE, and your NAME
  • ·      For items to SWAP, if it is fabric, please bag it and mark it as above, but mark it SWAP instead of adding a price.  Be sure your NAME is on all items.
  • ·      GIVEAWAY:  Mark it FREE with just your NAME only.

  • ·    ANYTHING STILL ON THE TABLES at the end of the evening MUST BE RECLAIMED by its original owner and taken back home.
  • **No one should have to clean up and haul everyone’s leftovers home!!!

We anticipate this will be a FUN evening and a chance to get to know other members of the guild better in a more social atmosphere.  Our Executive Board agrees that the best thing about the development of this group in 2011 is the connections we have been able to make with others who share our love of quilting!!!!

Remember to bring your NAMETAG (you want people to be able to identify you easily!)  and bring small bills, change, and or a checkbook to buy some treasures!!! 



  1. How does the swap part work? You swap for something of equal measurement with the person who wants yours or you bring a FQ, you can take a FQ of anyones that is up for swap?

    1. Crystal, ultimately it will be up to the two swappers, but for simplicity I think we can assume if you bring a pattern to swap you can swap for a pattern, a book for a book, a FQ for a FQ.