Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Merry Christmas, Happy December, and a few reminders:

First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone! A reminder that after January 1, the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild will become a "focused group" within the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild. Therefore, 2015 membership dues ($30) will be paid to the DMAQG (  You can download a PDF membership form on the website.

This Saturday is the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild December Tea, at the Learning Resource Center at S 35th Street and Mills Civic Pkwy in West Des Moines (close to WDM Public Library). It's free, it's fun, it starts at 9 am... and you can sign up for 2015 WORKSHOPS -- first dibs for seats in workshops taught by fabulous instructors like Jacquie Gering (of Tallgrass Prairie Studio)! 

Our next meeting is on January 15, 2015 at 6:30 at the West Des Moines Community Center at 134 6th Street, WDM (in Valley Junction). It is in the first block of 6th street, just north of Railroad Blvd and there is a good sized parking lot right next to the building. Mark your calendar-- we hope to see you there!

If you missed our November meeting, you missed a lot of fun and a lively gift swap!  Here is a group shot of everyone who participated, and what they took home with them from the swap:

back row l to r: Carol, Leila, Connie, Emily, Marny, Eva Marie, Sherry, Janeen
middle row l to r: Melissa, Emma, Amy, Doris, Crystal, Jill
from row: Ella & Hannah

Our two Junior Members organized their own holiday swap, and were extremely eager to "get to the gift" part of the evening! These talented young ladies fit right into our group!

Join us in January!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

November 20th Meeting/Social: RSVP required

DSMMQG Holiday Party

  • DSMMQG Board
  • Thursday, November 20 at 6:30 PM
  • Fred Maytag Scout Center
    6123 Scout Trail
    Des Moines, IA

November is our last gathering of the calendar year, and we have always made it a social gathering rather than a meeting. 
Bring a holiday gift to exchange (can be any holiday or seasonal theme)

Because we are having the party catered this year, we ask you to RSVP if you are coming:
Members: you have received this evite via email. Please RSVP by November 13th
Non-Members: If you would like to attend as a guest, please RSVP to the email above by November 13th.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

REMINDER: October Meeting is next Thursday, the 16th

We will meet next Thursday at the West Des Moines Senior Center at 134 6th Street, West Des Moines (this is in Valley Junction, just off Railroad Ave) -- hope to see you there!  We start to gather around 6:30 to chat and catch up, meeting starts at 6:45 pm.

Kathi Russi will be presenting "Simple Shape Quilts" and talking about her newly released book; co-written with Rose Schutte.

GOOD NEWS: We have a new permanent meeting location for 2015! Details at the meeting...

At the September meeting of the DSMMQG, the board presented options for 2015 membership.  
  • The first vote put to the membership was whether or not we would continue to be a GUILD MEMBER of the National Modern Quilt Guild. This came as a result of many members having expressed concerns that we were not getting the benefits we expected from National MQG Membership.
  • The DSMMQG voted to DISCONTINUE our National Quilt Guild Membership, effective Dec 31, 2014.
The next topic of discussion was whether we should continue as an independent guild (as we did our first two+ years) collecting dues, voting a Board of leadership, organizing speakers/programs, etc. OR disband as a GUILD and become a MODERN GROUP or CLUB within the umbrella of the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild. 

As individuals, we would join the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild ( and within that guild, belong to the MODERN GROUP and will continue to meet once a month, schedule sewing days, etc. As members of the DMAQG we would have access to their monthly meeting (4th Tuesday of month at 1:00 or 7:00 pm) their speakers and workshops, an extensive library, retreats twice a year, entrance into the quilt show that is held in conjunction with the AQS Show at Hy-Vee Hall, to name a few.  Over one third of our current membership are already members of the DMAQG.
  • The result of the vote was that we disband as the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild and become the Des Moines Modern Quilt Group (within the umbrella of the DMAQG). 
  • We will continue to meet as we have 11 times during the year, plan sewing days and other group events, but will not collect dues, maintain financial records, keep minutes, etc.
  • We will still need a STEERING COMMITTEE of approx. 3-4 people to maintain our meetings
If you are willing to serve on this STEERING COMMITTEE, please let us know. Our outgoing Board has worked hard for 2 years and are ready for time off from organizing the group.

Please reply to this email with questions or concerns, or leave a comment on the blog.

Please join us on Thursday the 16th--we always have a great time!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Finish it up challenge

What a great response to this challenge!  We had a total of 38 entries from 13 members.  Each finished project was an entry in the prize drawings with a max of 4 entries per person.  I used a random number generator to pick 8 winners and then from among the 8 winners for the Grand Prize winner of a gift certificate.  So in no particular order the winners are:

Eva Marie

and the Grand Prize goes to Connie!!!!

We will have the prizes at the October meeting so make sure you come to pick up your prize.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Voting at Next Meeting

Hi all!  First, I want to remind everyone that we are having a sewing day this Saturday, September 13th from around 9:00am to 9:00pm at the LDS building in Ankeny, which is 721 E. 1st St. 

Our next meeting will be September 18th at the Fred Maytag Scout Center.

We will be voting on a couple of issues and I wanted to outline them here so that members could come prepared to vote.  If you know you will not be able to come to the meeting, please email your votes to

The first issue is deciding if we want to stay as a group with the national Modern Quilt Guild.  We have discussed this some at a previous meeting, but we will now vote.  I would also like to note that if our group decides not to stay with the National MQG, individuals can still sign up for $25 annually.  Here are some pros and cons on the issue:

Pros -
  • We are able to participate in fabric challenges
  • We have access to the community website
  • We have access to webinars from the MQG
  • Discounted prices on events held by the MQG
  • Under the MQG 501(c)3 status

Cons -
  • Costs a very large portion of our membership fees
  • Not many members are using the community website and/or find it to be not what was expected
  • Not many members are attending events held by the MQG
  • Has not generated new members for us
  • Benefits may not outweigh the cost
  • Reporting, communication with MQG considerable work for local board members 

The second issue we will vote on will depend on the result of the first vote, but the board discussed it quite a bit and we want to let you know about this as an option.  If we decide to not stay with the national Modern Quilt Guild, do we want to remain our own guild or essentially disband as "The Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild" and no longer have membership to our group, BUT become a sub-group of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild. So first, here are some pros and cons of being our own guild:

  • We have our own leadership, programming, budget, etc.  
  • We choose how we spend our dues.
  • We need enough people to regularly volunteer to serve on the board.  If we became a sub-group of the DMAQG, we would still need leadership, but we could get by with fewer volunteer leaders and the roles would require quite a bit less work.  
  • We would probably have a harder time getting speakers and having good attendance with the size of group that we are

Now, pros and cons of becoming a small group of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild:

  • Many of our members are already members of the DMAQG.  They would only have to pay one membership fee instead of two
  •  We may attract more attenders to our group this way
  • We would have access to their programs and speakers.  Even if they are not necessarily modern, we can certainly learn skills and get inspiration from them.  And it would be fun to see members turn a traditional skill or technique learned at a program into something more modern
  • As mentioned above, we could get by with fewer volunteer leaders and the roles would require less work
  • We could still meet at our regular time (and hopefully someday we'll have a regular place)
  • Getting to know other quilty people!

  •  People may feel they need to attend both meetings (though maybe some already do!)
  • Meetings may become a different style - more just show and tell and sewing together, although we still would plan some programming or demonstrations.  

Ok, sorry for so much information, but please look it over and be prepared to vote.
If you have any further thoughts or want to ask any questions, please send an email to

Emily V.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Congrats to our State Fair Winner!

2014 is the second year the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild sponsored a modern quilt category at the Iowa State Fair. This year the Blue Ribbon went to one of our members, Janeen Pearson. Here is her Blue Ribbon Quilt:

Congratulations, Janeen!

If any of you claimed the 2nd, 3rd or honorable mention ribbon, let us know in the comments!  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

What is coming up and what you missed in August

On September 18th, our speaker will be Martha Henrichs, an expert on hand quilting.  Martha will demonstrate the techniques of hand quilting and lead us through the steps.  If you ever wanted to add hand quilting to your projects don't miss this meeting.  All tools will be provided,   We will have some fabric and batting but if you remember, please bring a sample quilt sandwich to work on.

In August, we met at Stitch in the East Village and our speaker was Trina Kirkvold. Trina is a professional quilter extraordinaire and one of the owners of Woodside Quilting at 5360 NE 14th St. Des Moines. 

Trina shared a few of her favorite free motion quilting guides.  Trillium House has many guides with different designs.

Trina talked about thread choice.  She recommended picking up an accent color for black and white quilts.
On this quilt she used a delicious hot pink. 
She also talked about highlighting piecing and filling negative space.
What a wonderful night, thanks so much Trina and Stitch!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reiman Gardens Quilt Show

Reiman Gardens is having their 5th annual garden themed quilt show in September.  They have a modern category for the first time.  This is a juried show, but there is still time to enter.  The deadline is August 21.  You can read all about the show and the categories,

Eva Marie

Monday, August 18, 2014

Reminder: Meeting THIS Thursday

Our August meeting will be THIS Thursday, August 21st at Stitch in Des Moines at 6:30 pm - Stitch is located in the East Village, 315 E 5th Street, Des Moines IA 50309, telephone 515-288-0655. 

TIP: You may want to come early to shop, as Tami has Cotton & Steel fabrics in stock! ;-)

The Program will be What To Quilt On This Quilt? with speaker, Trina Kirkvold.  Do you have a quilt top and don't know what to do? Please bring your quilt tops (quilt pattern also, if you have one) and we will discuss how to approach quilting decisions. Bring a sketch pad or notebook to work on quilting designs. Trina will also cover quilting density, thread and batting choices. Tons of information and inspiration!

PS: Don't forget to be working on and bring your completed Finish-It-Up Challenge projects!

If you participated in the Michael Miller MQG Challenge, bring your finished works for show and tell!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sewing Day - September 13th

Photo by Natalia Rosin via Flickr 
Mark your calendars and set your alarm clocks!  We will be having a Sewing Day on Saturday, September 13th from 9 am to 10 pm.  It will be at the Ankeny LDS Church, 721 E 1st St, Ankeny.  

We will have an ironing board and iron there, but bring your sewing machine, an extension cord and anything else you need to finish your projects.  (This would be a great chance to finish those Finish-It-Up projects.)

Can't wait to see you!

P.S.  Don't forget our next meeting will be August 21st at Stitch in Des Moines at 6:30 pm -  What To Quilt On This Quilt?

Friday, July 25, 2014

July Meeting Recap and August Meeting Reminder

We had a great time at our "Christmas in July" meeting this month.  It was fun to hang out with everyone and get some holiday inspiration.  We saw Christmas pillows, wall hangings, advent calendars, stockings, ornaments and cross stitch.  There is so much talent in our guild!  Thanks for sharing everyone!  (To see more pictures visit our flickr group).

Members also showed off their completed Micheal Miller Challenge projects.  (pictures here).  There were some real beauties.

Petal Pusher, Pieced by Doris Brunnette and quilted by Trina Kirkvold.
Our next meeting will be August 21st at Stitch in Des Moines at 6:30 pm -  What To Quilt On This Quilt? with Trina Kirkvold.  Do you have a quilt top and don't know what to do? Please bring your quilt tops (quilt pattern also, if you have one) and we will discuss how to approach quilting decisions. Bring a sketch pad or notebook to work on quilting designs. Trina will also cover quilting density, thread and batting choices. Tons of information and inspiration!!  Be there or be square.  :)

PS: Don't forget about working on your Finish-It-Up Challenge projects!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Meeting Reminder: Tomorrow, July 17

Join us tomorrow night, July 17, 2014, for Christmas in July! 

**bring some of your past Christmas projects or favorite Christmas tutorials, etc to share.

We will be meeting at the Fred Maytag Scout Center (click on link for Google Maps)

And, if you have completed your Michael Miller Challenge Project, bring it for Show-n-Tell!  The deadline is July 25, it is FAST approaching!


  • The challenge runs from March 2014-July 25, 2014.
  • Winners announced August 8, 2014.
  • Upload and share your photos to the Fabric Challenge Forum on the Community site here.
  • Don’t forget to use the #mqgfabricchallenge on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Friday, June 20, 2014

What you missed if you weren't with us, June 19th.

At our June meeting we enjoyed a great show and tell.  Entries for the Finish It Up Challenge have already started to roll in.  If you were at the meeting, last minutes changes were allowed to your entry list, but the list is now closed.  Get finishing, everyone!

We had a very informative presentation from Sherry Von Fumetti on binding.  We learned about quite a few new techniques and Sherry had samples of them all.  Being able to examine samples in person is so inspiring and it helps to be able to ask questions.  Flanges here we come!

We were also able to present this music themed quilt to our founder, Doris Brunnette, in memory of her husband, Frank.  Many members of the guild contributed blocks, pieced and quilted it.
 I hope you will be able to join us next month for Christmas in July.  Show off your favorite Christmas projects.  Anything goes as long as it is made of fabric.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dates To Remember

Iowa State Fair - Our guild is sponsoring a Modern Quilt Category and we would love to see one of your quilts there.  The registration deadline is July 1st.  You do not have to say what you are entering at that time. You simply register and say how many tickets you would like.  You need one ticket per item you want to enter and the tickets are good for any category in the Fabric and Threads division.  The drop off date is July 26th.
For more information see:  Categories and rules.  Online registration.

Modern Quilt Guild Quilt Show Entries and Contest
June 27:  Submissions for MQG Special Exhibit at International Quilt Festival close.  More information here.
June 30:  QuiltCon Design Challenge submission close.  More information here.
July 1 - November 30 - Submissions for QuiltCon quilt show open.  (details here)

June 19th meeting at the Fred Maytag Scout Center at 6:30 pm - Binding: Basics and Beyond - learn how to take your quilt bindings to the next level. Sherry Von Fumetti will provide tips to give your standard binding a more professional look. Your next quilt can have crisp, precise corners which don’t look rounded or scrunched. She will also demonstrate several binding methods that add an extra level of detail to your quilt.  You won't want to miss it!

July 17th at the Fred Maytag Scout Center at 6:30 pm - Christmas in July - Bring your Christmas and Holiday inspired projects to share (does not have to be a quilt, but does need to be made out of fabric).  

August 21st at Stitch in Des Moines at 6:30 pm -  What To Quilt On This Quilt? with Trina Kirkvold
Does this question sound familiar? Do you have a quilt top and don't know what to do? Please bring your quilt tops (quilt pattern also, if you have one) and we will discuss how to approach your quilting decisions. Bring your sketch pad or notebook to work on your quilting design. We will also cover quilting density, thread and batting choices. Tons of information and inspiration!!

Remember to comment on this post before June 18th to participate in the Finish-It-Up! Challenge.

Remember to bring some fat quarters to our meeting this week to be entered to win a 12 pack of Aurifil thread!  More information here

Have a great week and we will see you Thursday!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June Meeting - Binding: Basics & Beyond

Want to know how to make crisp, squared-off binding corners? Are you still hand sewing the final binding seam and fighting the battle of the binding bulge? Are you looking to add a little pizzazz to a ho-hum binding? Are you intimidated by just the thought of machine stitching your binding down?

Come to the DSMMQG June 19th meeting at the Fred Maytag Center at 6:30 pm to learn how to take your quilt bindings to the next level. Sherry Von Fumetti will provide tips to give your standard binding a more professional look. Your next quilt can have crisp, precise corners which don’t look rounded or scrunched. She will also demonstrate several binding methods that add an extra level of detail to your quilt.  You won't want to miss it!

Presentation Topics:
-        Binding basics – precise corners, machine finishing the final binding seam
-        Self-Binding
-        Machine stitched bindings
-        Add a flange to your binding
-        Add piping to your binding (2 methods) 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Want to WIN 17,064 YARDS of Aurifil Thread?

Got your attention, right?  Yes, you can win 12 spools -- that's 17,064 yards!

Our June Meeting is getting closer!  It's on June 19th, at the Fred Maytag Scout Center. We will have a SUPER doorprize giveaway, courtesy of Veronica, you can win this set of Aurifil thread, the Simplify pack by Camille Roskelley:

There is only ONE WAY TO WIN:

Bring a FQ (or 4 or 5) to donate to the FQ basket (which is getting a little low). The only way to get an entry for the door prize is to bring FQs to donate.

  • You can bring up to FIVE (5) FQs for one entry each. 1 FQ = 1 entry, 3 FQs =3 entries...
  • They MUST be quilt shop quality, contemporary, designer fabrics that would appeal to your fellow MQG members (PLEASE DO NOT bring FQs you deem "ugly" and no longer want)
  • Donate FQs that you love that are hard to part with!!! 
See you on the 19th!  Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the Finish It Up Challenge!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Finish-It-Up! Challenge

We had a great meeting last night and had tons of fun making folded hexagons.  Thanks for teaching us Emma!

Last night we announced that our July meeting will have a "Christmas in July" theme and we would like you to bring quilted/fabric Christmas items to show the group.  We can be inspired and perhaps even motivated to get some of our Christmas sewing started (and finished!) early.

The prizes - plus another pink bundle and a $50 gift certificate!!!

We also announced the Finish-It-Up! Challenge.  Do you have a quilt top that has been waiting to be quilted for a year (or more!)?  A Christmas quilt that has been in the works for two Christmases?  Or have you always wanted to try an applique project but been to intimidated?  Here is your chance to get those projects off your to do list and win some prizes at the same time.

Here are the details:

  • The challenge starts today and ends on our meeting on September 18th
  • To participate, leave a comment on this post listing four projects that you want to finish
  • Projects must be listed by  June 18th to qualify - no other entries will be accepted (unless of course you join the guild in July or something like that)
  • The comments will be printed off and taken to each meeting
  • Bring your finished project to the meeting for show-and-tell and it will be checked off the list and you will get an entry into the drawing for prizes at our September meeting
  • Yes, projects must be brought to meetings to qualify - we like to encourage meeting attendance ;)
  • Projects must be completely finished - quilted, bound, with the binding sewn down
  • Projects do not need to be a quilt - they could be a set of place-mats, a skirt or bag
  • There are no project substitutions - once your list is made it is final
  • Winners will drawn randomly at our meeting on September 19th
  • You do not need to be present to win, but you will need to make arrangements to pick up your prize.  If you do not pick it up at or before the October meeting it will be given to someone else.  (We will contact you to let you know you have won.)
  • Only two prizes per person
  • Open to DMSMQG members only
  • The prizes are seven fabric bundles from Moda and a $50 gift certificate to At the Heart of Quilting, good for one of their classes or long-arm machine rental.  (Fabrics are mostly Color Block from V and Co and Dottie - a collection of various sized dots.)

To summarize: leave a comment on this post listing the four projects you want to finish by September 19th, finish them and win prizes!

If you have any technical difficulties leaving a comment email and we will leave a comment for you.  If you have any questions about the challenge, leave a comment and we will answer it in the comments.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Learn Folded Hexagon Applique at May's Meeting

You'll love this technique for Hexie Foldovers taught by Emma…just as cute and addicting as English Paper Piecing, with no hand-work required!
Let's make them together! You can leave the meeting with a set of coasters, a small table decoration, the top of a pillow cover or a piece ready to appliqué unto any other project.

What to Bring: 
Fabric scraps, enough to cut 14-18  6" squares or you can bring a charm pack
(a mixture of solids and prints works well - go for some contrast!)
Optional for pillow cover: One large square solid fabric at least 14.5" 
Fabric scissors & paper scissors
Marking tool (doesn't have to be disappearing)

We will need to set up several stations for sewing and ironing (no cutting).  If you can bring a sewing machine or iron or ironing board please leave a note in the comments.  Thanks!

The meeting will be at the Fred Maytag Scout Center on May, 15th.  Come and socialize at 6:30 and we will get started at 6:45.

See you there!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's Guild Meeting

We have had to cancel the trunk show and workshop with Amanda Jean Nyberg because we didn't have enough people sign up for the workshop to make it financially viable.  We are sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience.

Our April meeting will still be Friday, April 11th at the Waukee Arts Center.  In addition to our regular show and tell we will have a First-and-Latest show and tell.  Bring your first quilt (or a picture or another one of your earliest) and share how you got started quilting.  We will have some snacks and time for handwork and socialization afterwards as time permits.

Come at 6:30 to mingle and we will start at 6:45.


Monday, March 17, 2014

March Meeting at the Urbandale Public Library

Last night I posted the wrong location for our March meeting.  
We will meet at 6:30 pm, March 20th at the 
Urbandale Public Library.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Trunk Show and Workshop with Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts

Fri, April 11
Stunning Scrap Quilts 
With Amanda Jean Nyberg

For the April meeting of the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild, Amanda Jean, the creative genius behind the popular blog Crazy Mom Quilts and co-author of Sunday Morning Quilts, will discuss organizing and using fabric scraps and show more than 20 of her inspiring quilts.   Invite a friend!  You will not want to miss it!  

Friday, April 11 @ 6:30 pm
It will be held at the Waukee Arts Center

405 Maple St, Waukee

6:30 - 7 pm Meet and Greet

7 - 8 pm - Trunk Show
Free for DSMMQG members / $10 all others

Bright Birches Quilt
 Bright Birches Workshop 

 Amanda Jean will also teach a workshop based on her Bright Birches Quilt pattern on Saturday April 12.  This 6 hour workshop will be jammed packed with instruction and fun.    

Pass the word on to all of your quilting friends.  This is a not to be missed opportunity!

Saturday, April 12 9:30 am – 3:30 pm  
West Des Moines Public Library
$40 members of DSMMQG/$60 all others

email to register

Please forward this to anyone that you think might be interested in attending.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Meeting: Exploring Modern

The original meeting location was incorrect.  
We will meet at the Urbandale Public Library for our March Meeting.

We have an amazing program lined up for you this Thursday!  Jill and Marny will be leading a discussion and hands on activity exploring what makes blocks modern.  Here is what they say about the program:

"What do you feel makes a block modern?  Let's explore out loud and in person!  We'll look at the modern blocks you all bring and discuss a bit why they are modern.  Then you'll use your favorite traditional block and examine ways to make it modern."

The supply list for Thursday 3/20/14 meeting
  • a modern block, can be an actual block or just a picture
  • have your favorite traditional block in mind, you'll be making mock cut and paste blocks based on this block 
  • glue stick
  • either fabric or colored paper in a range of values, including a background that is either lighter or darker than everything else 
  • if using fabric, rotary cutting supplies. Scissors and ruler will work for those using paper if you don't want to dull a rotary blade.
You are not going to want to miss this.  Mark you calendars and invite a friend!

Thursday, March 20th 
6:30 - meet to socialize
6:45 - program starts
at the

Urbandale Public Library

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sign up for the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

It's so exciting to have yet another fabric challenge! I know some members of our group are already excited about this fabric and looking forward to getting into their hands. :) Check out the announcement here:

Michael Miller Fabric Challenge: Are you ready?

If you want to participate, please comment on the post I made on our group page on the national site.  This is for members only.

If you have any questions, please email me at


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quilt Guild Meeting Tonight and Announcements

We just wanted to remind you we will be meeting today at the Fred Maytag Scout Center, 6123 SCOUT TRAIL, Des Moines.  6:30 Meet and Greet, 6:45 the meeting will start.  We will be talking about taking color inspiration from art.

We will also be sharing our Riley Blake Fabric Challenge items.  Did you see that Doris won first place in the overall challenge?!?  A huge congratulations to her!

Memberships dues are due today.  If you can't make the meeting please mail your dues to Sherry.  Email dsmmqg at gmail dot com to get her address.

Bright Birches by Amanda Jean Nyberg
Tonight we will also have signing ups and bebcollecting money for the Bright Birches Workshop with Amanda Jean Nyburg (aka Crazy Mom Quilts).  The workshop will be Saturday, April 12 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at the West Des Moines Public Library.  The cost is $40 for guild members and $60 for non-members.  Priority member sign-up end on March 1 when registration will open to the public (tell your friends!!!).  The workshop fee must be paid by next month's meeting (March 21st) or your spot will open for someone else.  You can also mail in the fee before March 12 (again, email dsmmqg at gmail dot com for the address).

If you can't make it to the workshop be sure to put Amanda Jean's Trunk Show on your calendar.  She will be talking about Scrap Management and Using Scraps in Quilts.  Pass on this info to anyone who you think might be interested.  Fee for non-members is $10.

Friday April 11 @ 6:30 

Waukee Area Arts Council

405 Maple St
Waukee, IA 50263

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another lovely day in the neighborhood -- MEETING POSTPONED

Once again Mother Nature is showing her strength on a Thursday...

Tonight's meeting is POSTPONED until NEXT Thursday, February 27, 2014.  It will be held at the same location, the Fred Maytag Scout Center in West Des Moines.

Please NOTE: Memberships are DUE NOW. If you are not able to attend the meeting next week, please mail your membership form to: 

Membership (form here) Forms and a check for $30 should be mailed to BY MARCH 1, 2014: 

Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild, Treasurer
6109 Foxboro Road
Johnston, IA 50131

Drive carefully and stay safe!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts is visiting our Guild in April!

We will soon be opening registration, but we want to get the word our so you can Save the Date! The program at our April Guild meeting will be presented by Amanda Jean Nyberg, co-author of Sunday Morning Quilts, and owner of the incredibly popular blog,

Amanda Jean will be giving a program at our regular monthly meeting on FRIDAY, April 11, at 6:30, at the Waukee Arts Center. On SATURDAY, April 12th, she will be teaching a workshop for the guild, based on her Bright Birches Pattern. The workshop will be held at the West Des Moines Public Library.

Bright Birches quilt by Amanda Jean Nyberg

Watch here for more details to follow (including price and registration deadlines)

Limited seating is available for the Saturday workshop (to reserve your space, be prepared to sign up at next week's meeting!). Registration will be available to DSMMQG members only for the first few weeks, after that we will open registration to non-members.  If you are not a member, but would like to take the workshop, email with your name & phone number to be added to our priority list.

OUR NEXT MEETING: Will be Thursday, February 20 at the Fred Maytag Scout Center

Come at 6:30 for meet & greet, meeting will start at 6:45 pm.  Our program will be "Using Art for Color Inspiration" 

Any questions? Please email us at

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Updates from the DSMMQG -- 2014 is shaping up to be a GREAT YEAR!!!

We have some great things planned for this year, including a program and workshop given by Amanda Jean Nyberg from crazymomquilts and co-author of the book Sunday Morning Quilts. She will be at our April 2014 meeting.  In January, we had a wonderful program on assembling Cathedral Window Blocks, given by member Eva Marie Evans. 

You DO NOT WANT TO MISS anything this year; the Executive Board works hard behind the scenes and has some great stuff planned!

We will soon be discontinuing our email list. Want to make sure you receive details about programs like Amanda's?!?  If so, please:

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2. Renew or submit your membership (form here) and either bring it with you to the February meeting or mail it with a check for $30 to: 
Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild, Treasurer
6109 Foxboro Road
Johnston, IA 50131


The next meeting will be held on 

Thursday, February 20 at the 

Fred Maytag Scout Center
6123 Scout Trail
Des Moines, IA 50321

It is on 63rd street (Des Moines)/ 1st St (West Des Moines) South of Raccoon River on the east side of the road.