Friday, September 5, 2014

Congrats to our State Fair Winner!

2014 is the second year the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild sponsored a modern quilt category at the Iowa State Fair. This year the Blue Ribbon went to one of our members, Janeen Pearson. Here is her Blue Ribbon Quilt:

Congratulations, Janeen!

If any of you claimed the 2nd, 3rd or honorable mention ribbon, let us know in the comments!  


  1. Sherry Von Fumetti's gorgeous improv took an Honorable Mention. Not sure of the quilt's name but it's stalactites & stalagmites in a cave.

    I took a 2nd w/ a large Bargello wall hanging, "Infinity," & a 3rd w/ an abstract seascape made from pinwheels, "Pinwheels By the Sea At Sunrise."