Saturday, January 20, 2018

2018 Schedule

And we've got a tentative 2018 schedule! Here is a very brief look at what was discussed at this week's meeting. Feedback is welcome! A big thank you to everyone who stepped up with ideas and volunteered to lead!

In addition to the schedule below, Stephanie is exploring the possibility of our doing a Quilts of Valor quilt for the overall guild's charity quilt event.

And there was a request for Jill's talents with fabric weaving at some point in the year.

But for now, here is the calendar.

February 15... GARAGE SALE. This from Veronica:

Everyone bring fabrics & supplies in baggies, marked with garage sale prices and your name. During the meeting, we will spread everything out and go shopping. Anything you want to buy, you will find the member and exchange money or, as in the past, swapping other comparable items is A-OK!

There will also be a free section for stuff you just don't want anymore. Don't worry about marking those.

Remember to bring cash to the meeting so you can buy some new stuff!

March 15... It's a Goodwilly Fabric Challenge. :-) Carol used "goodwilly", as in the Goodwill store, to describe the vintage or found fabric that is the basis of the challenge. Bring at least the equivalent of 1/2 yard of vintage or found fabric in a bag. We will be exchanging them. Your fabric could be shirts, suiting, sheets, whatever! The challenge is to make a quilted pillow, bag, quilt, etc. using 90% of the fabric. The completed project will be due at the August 16th meeting.

April 19... Kristen has offered to get the ball rolling on paper piecing tips. Bring all your ideas too! 

May 17... there will be a hands on with machines IMPROV exercise. Still under construction. Doris will you be leading this one? 

June 21... Eva will offer a practical hand appliqué lesson. More on this as we get closer. She graciously agreed after we blithely volunteered her!

July 19... tentatively a BINDING EVENING. Julie will share her special binding with its custom insert look. We'll also take a look at any facing and machine sewn binding techniques members would like to share.

August 16... the Goodwilly Challenge is due!