Sunday, January 14, 2018

January Meeting

Our meeting is Thursday, January 18th at Woodside Quilting

Let's get our plan ready for 2018! Should we get a steering committee together and/or just come with ideas and create a calendar? Anyone want to present a skill or lead a discussion? Please volunteer! Maybe you have other questions you'd like to bring up.

I would like to discuss if we need the blog site any longer. And if so, who would like to take over doing the posts? Most people watch for the announcements, discussions and events on Facebook. My feeling is using one place for everything would be cleaner and easier. But mine is only one opinion!  That being said, I would like someone else to take a turn with the blog if they feel it is necessary! 

The meeting starts at 6:45 but feel free to come early and shop! Woodside Quilting has generously provided our meeting space and shopping is one way to thank them.

Remember your modern show and tells!

Happy New Year everybody,

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