Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DSMMQG Show Entry Reminder!

This is the week to submit your entries by either email or mail them to Greta Anderson (address on entry form) or giving them to Doris at Thursdays meeting.  Forms, Photos and Entry Fee are required by Thursday the 16th.

You will be notified in approximately one week, whether or not your entries were accepted.  Therefore, if you don't want to add a sleeve to your quilt unless you have to, there will be plenty of time after being notified of acceptance before you need to submit the actual quilt to sew one on.

The gallery will be installing the show on June 15th, so the quilts will need to be delivered by June 14th... either to the gallery in Ames, or to Doris.  NOTE: this date is prior to our June Meeting, so it will be your responsibility to bring items to either Doris' home in Des Moines or to the Gallery in Ames.  Additional details will be included in your acceptance notice.

MUG RUGS and MINIs can be submitted without entry fee as the curator plans to create a special display of small items/mug rugs in the gallery.  

See you THURSDAY at 6:30 at the Urbandale Library for our monthly meeting!

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