Monday, March 2, 2015


We have a few great projects in the works right now, so let's go over the details again...

The Fabric Challenge Update

There are still a few bundles of the challenge fabric left, so if you'd like to participate in this challenge, there is still plenty of time and plenty of fabric! The deadline is May 21. Leave a comment on this post or ask for a bundle at the next meeting if you don't have one yet.

The challenge is this: there are no rules to follow, just make a quilted project using the fabrics supplied. You can add your own fabrics as desired and you don't have to use all of the fabrics supplied. The finished project should qualify as quilted in some way, but doesn't have to be a quilt. We all love quilted tote bags, pillows, pin cushions, etc, so make what you want! Bring your completed project to the May 21 meeting for Show and Tell with the group. Your finished project is yours to keep, all we want to do is see it and hear about why & how you made it.

Auction Quilt Project

Details here include instructions for the blocks. Blocks are due at the April 16 meeting. If you have them done at the March meeting, feel free to bring them. I'm sure those who aren't done yet would love to see yours!

Pincushion Swap

This is also due at the April meeting. Make a pincushion to swap. Everyone who brings one gets to take one home, so don't be left out!  Obviously we're not big on rules, so there are no rules to this challenge either! Please just make something that you would be happy to go home with and everyone will have fun with this swap.

Have fun working on our Modern Group projects!!


  1. I am hoping you saved a packet for me. I was sick and missed the last meeting. Can I get my packet at the March meeting? Penny R

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  3. If there are still several bundles left at the end, I'm glad to buy them. They'd work well for a non-challenge gift I want to make.

  4. Just came across your post and curious what fabric lines these are from. I'm searching high and lo for fabric with type