Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Show Girls

Several of our Des Moines MQG members are also members of DMAQG, and submitted projects to the show.  It was fun to see MQG member’s names jump out at me as I walked around the show.
This is Katie’s snails trail:
Penny’s New Wave quilt made primarily from Denyse Schmidt fabrics:
Tricia’s Wonky Log Cabin quilt:
Her pillow, made for our Pillow Swap this Spring:
Lola Z’s pineapple mini:
Doris's twin-size Modern Fortune quilt:
Janeen’s very fun Dr. Seuss Christmas quilt:
And this beautiful art quilt, by Janet, entitled Hawaiian Hospitality:
And, I know there were others…but these are the few I managed to get shots of, sorry if I missed your quilt(s) please feel free to adda pick to the blog or the flickr site of your entry!
There were several quilts in the juried AQS exhibits that were of a very modern aesthetic.  At least two wonky log-cabin style quilts, and a few pieces with the feel of a Gees Bend quilt.  Modern or Traditional, the theme for the day was superb craftsmanship and well-executed quilting!