Wednesday, October 10, 2012


DSMMQG will have a Show Summer 2013!!!

DSMMQG was accepted for a show at the Gallery in the Round in Ames, for Summer, 2013. (note: you will have your quilts back in time to deliver them to Iowa State Fair for hanging). Entries will be juried by one of the rotating curators of Gallery in the Round, herself a modern quilter.

Gallery in the Round, a Unitarian Universalist fellowship, has is a total of 90 linear feet for us to fill, along with Lucite display cubes. The “modern quilt” aesthetic will complement the modern architecture of the buiding quite well.  A few views of the gallery:

For the show, members are asked to prepare 1-3 submissions that exhibit some aspects of the “modern quilt” aesthetic, including:

* focus on functional quilting
* alternative block structures or lack of visible block  structure
* inspired by modern art and architecture
* bold colors, solid-color fabrics, graphic prints
* increased use of negative space
* asymmetry in quilt design
* reinterpreted traditional blocks
* embracing simplicity and minimalism
* improvisational piecing
* gray or white as neutrals
The purpose of the exhibit is to share the “new aesthetic” with viewers who may have preconceived ideas of what quilts and quilted items look like.
A few of the details we know at this time:  At the same time quilts should exhibit originality of design, stretching the bounds of the new aesthetic beyond just following the latest kinds of patterns or using the latest styles of fabrics.  Quilted works may express humor, but “cutesy” elements should be avoided.  Functional items such as purses, aprons and pillows can be entered.  If they are show-worthy, we will find a way to display them securely!  Crib-size quilts or wall-hangings should have a sleeve sewn in the back. Bed-size quilts can also be entered, with the understanding that they might be folded over a hanging rod/dowel.  Your work will be insured against damage. “Please do not touch” signs will be prominent.  Entry forms will be forthcoming as the event approaches. A small fee ($10) per entry will cover materials used to hang the show, transportation costs, and publicity, and will be administered by Doris. 

The deadline for submission will be May 15. 

The Gallery will host a reception for you to bring your friends, coworkers, neighbors and family to come see your work and celebrate your quilts!

More details to come as time gets closer...


  1. This is so exciting for all of you! I'm very happy for the Des Moines chapter to get this type of exposure. Way to go! And good for Doris for taking responsibility for pulling it together.

  2. Wow, this is great news! Kudos to you, Doris, for arranging this. This is a really great thing for our guild. I hope we have lots of entries.