Thursday, January 14, 2016

Start the New Year with Modern Quilt Inspiration!

Wow, we had a busy, busy steering committee meeting Tuesday night! Lots of ideas and lot of activities are planned for 2016! Thank you to all who came! Jill, Leila, Eva Marie, Erin, Carol and Marny. I really look forward to another year of DSMMQG and I hope you do too!

Our next meeting is January 21, 2016 at a NEW LOCATION: Westminster Presbyterian, 4114 Allison Ave, Des Moines, IA 50310  Click for Map  

Here are some details about the location: 
You will want to park in the parking lot on Franklin Ave. It is directly across the street from the church and is a large lot. After you park, cross Franklin and go into the church via the covered entrance. There are a set of glass double doors there. Once inside you will see a hallway & stairs going up. Ignore the stairs & follow the hallway. Turn left at the end of the hallway & then turn right. We will meet in Westminster Hall, at the end of that hallway. 

January Meeting Activities

Finish it Up Challenge

Yes, yes, we all have our to do lists and UFOs! Let's get them done together, with a little co-motivation!  Make a list of the projects you have on your plate right now. Download a List-maker-helper here (optional). Choose the top 3 priority projects you intend to have done in the next 6 months. Bring your whole list to the meeting to share and post your top 3 as a comment on this blog post.

Then throughout the next DSMMQG meetings, bring your finished projects to show and tell (preferred!) or post them in our facebook group!

You will receive one entry into the Finish-it-up Prize Drawings for every project on your top 3 list you finish! To qualify, you must mention the Finish-it-up challenge when you bring your project to show and tell or post it on the Facebook Group. Prizes will include fabric bundles, fat quarters and more.

Final Finish-it-up Deadline is JULY 21, 2016.  

DSMMQG Annual Fabric Challenge

Just like last year, the dues from when we were a guild bought us a kitty of fabric for a challenge! This year the bundles will be all solids. You will receive 6 fat eighths with which you can make your challenge piece. 

There are very few rules, but here are just a couple to keep you on your toes...
1. The item must be quilted in a three-layer sandwich, but it doesn't have to be a quilt (a bag, tote, pillow, notebook cover, are all ok!) 
2. Please use ALL the fabric this time. Challenge yourself even if there's a color that doesn't work, but its ok if its on the back or binding. And no, I'm not suggesting you must use every tiny scrap, just include some of each fat eighth.
3. You can add any fabric to the project, solids or prints. 

Deadline for the Fabric Challenge is APRIL 21, 2016.  

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club by Lucky Spool

If you're in the Facebook group, you probably already heard all the chatter about this... If you are participating, please bring your projects to show and tell. This is just an optional quilt-along kind of project, not an activity of our group...but feel free to join in and share every month! A big thank you to Jessie Zeigler for organizing our group discount!

If you're not in the Facebook group yet, please join us here.

Meeting Goodies

Jill and Leila will bring treats this month. A sign-up sheet will go around for the New Year, so please bring your calendar and be ready to sign up. Veronica Koh Eischeid has donated an Aurifil Thread Box for a door prize this month, thank you Veronica!!  If you or a quilt shop you know would like to donate door prizes for any future meetings, please let us know or bring it to a meeting. The fat quarter basket for newcomers and birthdays is looking a little slim. We're asking you to bring in a few NEW fat quarters to refresh the basket for the year. If you bring some, you can take one of the existing basket so we'll have a little turn-over.

Garage Sale

The Facebook group also had some chatter about bringing fabric to share and donate. In the spirit of that, we've put on the calendar for February an actual Garage Sale meeting. If you really want to bring your stuff to share informally this meeting, that's ok. But we'll go all out next month!

See you next week,


  1. Since I will be out of town next Thursday, I wanted to record my entries early.
    1. AMH star quilt
    2. JG class red X quilt
    3. Fete AMH quilt

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  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. My entries are:
    1. Gannets wallhanging
    2. Maritimes wallhanging
    3. Circles quilt

  5. 1. Harmony quilt
    2. JG class quilt
    3. AMH patchwork

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  7. 1. Work G'ma's pieced top into a completed quilt
    2. Triptych from Jacquie Gering's slice & insert class
    3. 4 bias tape Christmas placemats

  8. Any chance whoever has the list we created at the January meeting could post everyone's three items here so we have it to refer back to? Yes, my memory is terrible and I already need verification... I'll even write the post if someone passes the list along to me. :-)