Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Call for New Leadership & Activity Ideas

Volunteers Needed

Hi Modern Quilter! Have you been a member of the DSMMQG for long? Or are you a new member looking to get more involved and make this group what you'd like it to be? We need new members of the "Steering Committee" for 2016 year. That's right, I didn't say "Board"! As a small group, our leadership is a little more relaxed than a board...but we still need some folks to make decisions and keep us running. If you haven't helped out in that way yet or you think now is the time you could make a contribution, please let us know.

The job doesn't involve too much work. You'll probably need to have 1-2 extra meetings a year to decide what the activities for the regular meetings should be. This year's group did most of our planning and decision-making through email!  You'll share the responsibility of being at the meetings to help them run smoothly, share announcements, bring the basket of fat quarters, make sure someone brings treats and talk to the Community Center staff when they have questions and to keep our space reserved. Also there is a website and Facebook page to update, if you're interested in helping with either of those things.

Ideas & Presenters Wanted

Also please think about whether you have any ideas for programming in 2016. We want topics to discuss, activities, challenges and/or presenters. If you would be willing to be a presenter, please let us know. You can teach a technique you know, for a whole meeting or just a 10 min. tip if you want, or give a trunk show and tell us your story about quilting.  Comment on this post, talk to a current Steering Committee member (Leila, Jill, Emma or Eva Marie) or speak up during a meeting if you have ideas! And thank you! Our meetings have been and will continue to be a great place for inspiration and sharing of modern quilt ideas thanks to our members!