Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 21st Holiday Social--and MQG Website update

First, some housekeeping from Doris, our Website Coordinator: Last night, I listened in on the MQG Webinar regarding navigating the website. About an hour and 15 minutes, really good info, and you can listen to the recording here. (It won't waste your time, I promise! I was able to set up my entire profile, join our group, follow friends and posts, all while listening and didn't lose track of where they were. The webinar answers MANY of the questions we had for Emily at our last meeting about loading photos, finding content, contributing, setting up, etc.  

Every one of our members should log in and create a profile, "join" the Des Moines MQG Group, and start interacting there. In the end it should replace our flickr discussion group. And yes, I will keep hounding you reminding you to do so until you do. ;-)

There is currently not a place for a pool of photos within our group (Many photos posted in FORUMS however), but they are releasing features in stages because it is a huge, private community with MANY subgroups, a very complicated site to build from an I.T. standpoint. Patience is key, but so is feedback. 

We need to let them know what we want! Contact them using this page and ask for what you want to see!

*housekeeping done* (Wow. I wish that phrase was literally true at my home.)

Join us at 6:30pm on Thursday the 21st of November for our Holiday Social!

Urbandale Public Library
3520 86th Street, (in Meeting Room B)
UrbandaleIowa 50322
Bring with you:
  • a nametag!
  • an appetizer, a beverage or treats to share
  • an item to swap for our holiday exchange (Thanksgiving, Autumn, Christmas, Winter... the holiday you choose is up to you!) Does not have to be handmade by you.  Some from last year were ornaments, pillows, a fabric bundle, a tote bag:

    (See our Flickr Group for more ideas.)
Not been to one of our meetings before? That's okay, come introduce yourself--the more the merrier!
Questions? Email or comment here.

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