Monday, September 17, 2012

Meeting THURSDAY, September 20

Please join us Thursday at the Urbandale Library--
Member Emily Vardeman will be giving the program on English Paper Piecing.  She will be demonstrating her methods; Emily is providing the paper pieces, but please bring:

6 rectangles--2"x3" for a star shape OR
7 squares-- 2.5" for a hexagon flower shape  

In addition we will be taking nominations for next year's officers.  And, as always, remember to bring something to Show and Share!

6:30 pm, Urbandale Library (meeting officially starts at 6:50 p.m.)

One more thing, the Modern Quilt Guild is conducting their annual survey of members worldwide, please follow this link to complete the survey--THANKS!


  1. I'm wondering how many of each fabric is needed for the star? It looks like there are 5 different fabrics in the picture. Please let us know how many light, medium, dark, etc. rectangles are needed. I guess visualization isn't my strength. Thanks

  2. Sherry, we'll just be making one small star so you'll only need 6 pieces of one fabric or six different if you want each point to be different or you could do 3 of one and 3 of another.

  3. I pulled the pics from Emily's flickr stream, so I might have mislead by pulling the awesome British star--but I couldn't resist it.

    Sorry, Doris