Tuesday, November 15, 2011

December -- and Art Quilt Exhibit in AMES

Please note, we will NOT have a meeting in December-- 

Our next meetings are November 17, 2011 and January 19, 2012. 

If this leaves you without something to do on December 15th, maybe you want to check out this exhibit in Ames (the artist is the mother of DSMMQG Member, Greta Anderson!)

Material Matrixes: Bar-code Inspired Quilts
Deborah Melton Anderson of Columbus, Ohio
Gallery in the Round
1015 Hyland Ave.
Ames, Iowa


Deborah says: "My quilts might be described as fabric collages....The construction process is satsifying physically and mentally...The molding of the basic image involves an emotional response to a place, an object, an event, etc.; an excitement that the fabrics elicit from me when combined with other fabrics; an on-going challenge to create an engaging composition that draws the viewer into the work rather than capturing a mere momentary interest; and lastly, a personal challenge to put aside a formulaic vision in favor of a search for a new visual language..." 

See photos that Greta Provided in the album I posted on our site here today!

Greta says:  "In short, my mother is an artist. She has been prolifically creating in fabric for four decades and has a resume of artistic achievement and involvement that is umpteen pages long. I think of her as "cutting edge" (no pun intended) but completely without pretension: she simply sees the world from a unique perspective. She was among the pioneers of the use of photo transfers in art quilts (no "mug shots" need apply! she photographs surfaces, textures, colors, etc. to makeher own fabrics). Her recent work, shown in this exhibit, reflects her "inspiration" by postal bar-codes and QR codes (OK, who but a NON-categorical thinker would be inspired by bar codes?). Ever fascinated by the abstract, by patterns and color, my mom has taught me to see beauty everywhere--and what else can I say?! I love her for it (and for many other gifts)."

ARTIST'S WEBSITE: http://www.debanderson.net/

Posted by Doris Brunnette, President